Preparing For Law School

law schoolAfter succeeding on your LSATs, you will have some time to prepare for law school. Use the tips below to guide you through this important period.

Understand What Law School Entails

The first thing you need to do when it comes to preparing for low school is to find out what it entails. In law school you will be required to cover a mountain of reading material each week, and discuss this material in class as per the Socratic Method. The final exams will test your application of the law to a given set of facts that have never been covered in class. As such, simply memorizing material and notes won’t work.

It is important that you master fast reading before you get to law school. Furthermore, you need to understand how the Socratic Method works, and find ways to get as much from this teaching method to ensure that you prepare adequately for class, and compile useful notes during class.

Find A Pre-Law Summer Program

Your first year in law school has a huge significance in how fruitful your studies and career turn out to be. It’s worth noting that your first year performance is taken into consideration when determining your internship placement during the interviews scheduled during the second year.

Enrolling in a reputable pre-law summer program will help you prepare for your first year, and therefore give you the best chance of successfully getting through what turns out to be a highly stressful academic year. The program should introduce you to reading materials and concepts to be covered in the first year. It should also arm you with useful skills such as fast and efficient reading and note taking.

Study Plan

It’s also worthwhile for you to come up with a comprehensive study plan before you start your time in law school. Assign time to self study, group study, extracurricular activities and anything else you think is important to ensure that you get the most out of the time you have.

Consult Current Or Past Students

Even as you prepare for law school by following the above rules, remember to reach out to current and past law school students for advice on how to handle your first year. They are well equipped to give you a few useful pointers on how they got through their first year successfully

With these tips in mind, and in practice, you will have a better chance of preparing for law school.